Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Contraction Surgery

Hello friends!
Contractions can be confusing to little ones. 

I begin by telling them they are all going to be doctors preforming surgery!
Of course, they love that!
We get surgical gloves on and our cutting tools (scissors).

 I give them two words (could not), then they are told to put these words together with surgical glue.

Next we use our surgical cutting tools to cut out the vowel.  This day we were working on n't contractions so we cut out the "o."

 Next, we have to put a band-aid on to hold the n and t together.  Later after this activity we discuss how the band-aid is really called an apostrophe in contractions.  Some choose to use the word band-aid for a while, but eventually all vocabulary will switch to apostrophe.

Then we display our surgical word on the classroom door.  As we do more and more surgeries, ('s, 've, 're, 'll, etc.) we add more to the door.  I got the idea for this cute lesson from The First Grade Parade!  She has a lot of super cute ideas!

I then use flip books  My students love contraction flip books!

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