Wednesday, June 22, 2016

How to Make 3D Shapes Using HUE Animation Studio!

How do you integrate 3D shapes, a 3D printer, and HUE Animation Studio software?
By making a time lapse video using HUE Animation Studio!!
3D Cone
3D Cylinder
3D Pyramid
3D Earth

How to Make Cute Stickers in Your Erin Condren Planner

Erin Condren...LOVE!
These are a few of my favorite things...and then I don't feel so bad!  
Okay okay, you might not break out into songs from The Sound of Music but you will flip for making your own stickers!
After you have your schedule set, you need to find clip art you love!
DIY tips to organize your Erin Condren Teacher Planner!
You can find this adorable clip art set from Educlips here!
I would go INSANE (too late) trying to cut these out perfectly so I print these out on Avery Clear Full Sheet Labels!
 Then I just create a powerpoint and line up each picture, print,...
cut them into squares,...
 peel off the backing...
DIY tips to organize your Erin Condren Teacher Planner!
 ...and press onto my page!  Look Russ!  No lines! (Yep!  I'm a National Lampoon's fan!)
DIY tips to organize your Erin Condren Teacher Planner!
You can also use a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine!  It's a lot easier (and fun) to use!  
They will email you a coupon code to enter when you checkout!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

HUE Animation & Composite Shapes

and first grade!
What do all these things have in common?  
Check out how my class using HUE Animation Studio in the classroom!  
Watch first graders (yep, 6 year olds) make stop motion animation videos!
My firsties have been studying composite shapes!  (Don't be embarrassed!  Here is the definition of composite figure!)
They have completed lots of "research" on making composite shapes!  
They especially loved using the app 

Students use pattern shapes to create their own design, use an outline, or compose larger shapes on the ipad!
After they have created a composite shape, the student composes the shape using our classroom pattern blocks on the table.
Here is the really amazing part that HUE didn't forget can reverse a sequence of images!!!!
Not excited yet?  
Let me explain.  
After the student composes their composite shape out of pattern blocks, they take a picture (press the space bar).  
Then they take one shape away, take a picture.  
Take another shape away, take a picture.  
Over and over again (I feel like I'm singing a Nelly song to you)!
Next, highlight all the frames with the images the student took for that shape and simply press,
"Reverse frame ordering."
Viola!  The shape looks like it is magically building itself!
You can imagine how much of a hit this was during math stations!  Everyone on task and engaged in learning!  
Things that make you go ahhh!
Enjoy our video!!

Want more ideas on using
HUE Animation Studio in your classroom?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Analog Clocks!

In first grade, we teach telling time to the hour and half hour.  I have a wonderful class this year and my kiddos scored an 85% on the time unit pre assessment!  (This is when I silently cry inside.  I love when pre assessment scores are low.)
Instead of focusing my math groups on reteaching concepts, I was able to focus on enrichment groups!
The kids choose to make a video teaching other first graders how to tell time using an analog clock!

Introducing...(wait for it)...HUE Animation Studio!

My kiddos love using HUE Animation Studio!  (Can't you feel the intensity of their focus?)
After setting up a good background (Yes that is a plain white sheet.  I use it more than you think at school!), we are ready to shoot pictures!  
Using something called the onionskin, HUE makes it super fun for the kids to see what was captured on the previous frame laid right on top of the current frame.
Move the minute hand, shoot a pic, move the minute hand, shoot a pic, you get the idea!
It's that easy!
Of course we had to take turns taking the picture (pressing the space button) and moving the minute hand!

Enjoy our video!
Other stop motion videos we have made:  Making Composite Shapes, Earth, Moon & Sun

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Are you looking for something 
easy to use
 to spice up your teaching lessons, increase rigor, and improve student engagement?  

I am so excited to have found the answer!  

I am teaching a unit on the Earth, Moon, and Sun but I wanted to the kiddos to actually see what the Moon orbiting around the Earth "looks" like.  I wanted them to Understand the concept of how the Earth rotates and orbits, with the moon, at the same time.

So we created a stop motion animation video!!
We started with a black piece of butcher paper and one of our black office dividers.
 Now we just needed props...
My school is blessed to have two 3D printers!  So I created this little Earth!
 I bought the sun at a dollar store (a squishy ball) and the moon is a white marble (also from the dollar store).
 What makes this super easy is something Hue calls "onionskin."  It's a transparent image of the previous frame.  This allows you to see where the objects were and exactly where you want to put them for the next frame.  (This also helps greatly when a student bumps the sun and it goes rolling to the floor!  It's easy to put back in the exact place it was!)
It's simple to add audio!  It's a matter of pressing the red button to record/stop recording.  Then drag the audio to where you want it in the video.
I invited the students to read facts they learned during the unit on the Earth, Moon or Sun!  
I ended up with volunteer readers from each of my guided reading groups!  I gave each of the kiddos a chance to practice their part before recording them.  They rocked it!
 We had so much fun presenting this to the rest of the class!  It was easy to upload to Youtube and insert into our classroom website!
Enjoy our video!
In our next video, my firsties wanted to teach others how to tell time using an analog clock!  
Check out how we made stop motion composite shape videos using HUE Animation Studio!

I would love to hear what types of videos you have made using Hue Animation Station!