Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Cleaning Classroom Routines HOP

I'm hanging at the French Lick Resort in Indiana for a Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up!  Beautiful even in the rain!!
My roomies and I have been planning a way for readers to have fun while we have fun this weekend!  What better way than to get tips and win free products from other teacher bloggers?!
Latoya Reed from Flying Into First, Alexandria Jackson from Classroom Action with Ms. Jackson, CaseyJane from Wiggling Scholars, me, and Amanda Pauley from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten

It has been a long winter in Illinois!  Ugh!  I have found that my class has slipped into a bit of a funk.
We have been STRUGGLING this year with sight words.  My daily routine of sending home a "Study Wallet" with each student filled with notecards of current words wasn't cutting it.  At the beginning of quarter 3, I still had nine students who didn't know quarters 1 and 2.  That's 31% of my class!  Boo!!
To change things up, I started using visuals and sight words in context.

Each day I take a small 15 minute intervention group to work on sight words.  We do this just before our guided reading time.  I have made binders for each of these children whom need extra practice.
My kiddos are enjoying having their own binder with special words just for them!
Students say the word three times, write it using elkonin boxes, read a sentence using the word, highlight the word, trace the sentence, write it on their own, and glue the words in order.  Then after a page is completed they read all previous sentences and words to me or to a partner.
These are the sight words lists that I keep in my binder.
 Brandon's Binder!
 The current quarter that he is working on.
 Recording sheet in his binder.
 Chart that he gets to color in to show a visual of his improvement!
This is one of the pages from his binder.  (There are unfinished pages underneath peeking out.)

This is my teacher binder with all of my district's sight words.  I keep them all in one place with dividers between each quarter.  The sight word pages are kept in a page protector.  Each page can be copied right inside without needing to be removed!

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Make sure you hop over to all my roomies to check out their spring cleaning classroom routines!  Next stop is


  1. Love this idea for the sight words. I have some that are struggling a bit too. It was so great being roomies with you! This weekend was the best weekend ever and I can't wait to do it again next year.

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  2. Love this idea for sight words, AMAZING! The Meet-up sounds great too, but I live in the wrong "I" state, Idaho, LOL!
    Erika Teach Train Triumph!