Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Photo Bookmarks and Freebie!

I'm always on the hunt for cute Mother's Day gifts!  This year I found the perfect thing!  There is a freebie at the end for you to use on Mother's Day!
Book marks that mom's can keep forever!  Look how cute these turned out!
1.  I started by taking pictures of students standing next to a wall holding onto a tennis ball.  (Yep, this was totally fun for them!)  The idea of pretending they are hanging from the tennis ball was hilarious and super silly to them!  Later I punched out the tennis ball so it looks like they are hanging from the string!  It's okay if it's not a pretty wall because you will be cutting all that out.
2.  I cut around their bodies and the ball.   On a few of the pictures, I needed to use an X-ACTO knife to cut between their arms.
3.  Then I laminated them. (Yep, this was totally fun for me!)
 4.  You will need to cut them out again, but this time it's much easier because you don't have to be as precise.
5.  Next, I hole punched the tennis ball out!
6.  Each got a tassel attached to their picture.  You can read a great post from Creative Family Moments on how to create the tassels!  Super easy!
7.  Finally, I used double sided tape...
...and secured each child onto their own Mother's Day card!
To get your free copy of the Mother's Day "book" click here!

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  1. Such a cute idea. Pinning this so I can remember it for next year.