Thursday, June 11, 2015

ABC Countdown!

ABC Countdown is always a blast every year!  We start 26 days before the end of the school year and "celebrate" a letter each day!  Check out what my class does for each letter!
ABC Countdown!
A-Stuffed Animal Day

B-Buddy Reading Day!
B-Buddy Reading Day

C-Coloring Day

D-Dice Day

E-Eat a Healthy Snack Day

F-Flip Flop Day

G-Game Day

H-Hat Day

I-Ice Pops Day

J-Joke Day

K-King Day

L-LEGO Inventory Day

M-Movie Day

N-Nighttime Day

O-Outside Day

P-Popcorn Day

Q-Queen Day

R-Read Aloud Day

S-Sunglasses Day

T-Tic Tac Toe Day

U-U Sit Anywhere Day

V-Vroom on the Bus to the Museum

W-Wear Red White and Blue Day (Guest Teacher so no photo!)

X-X Change Autographs Day

Y-Year End Cleaning Day

Z-Zip Up Your Backpack Day

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