Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 1 Giveaway!

When I hear someone is going on vacation, I have such happy thoughts for them...okay really I'm just super jealous!  
This week, it's finally my turn!  I'm headed out West (from Illinois) to Colorado!  I have two of the most amazing sisters that I never get to see!  One lives in Colorado and the other in Arizona.  My family and I are driving (Yep!  I'm a quality time love language kinda girl!) across the country to visit my sister in Colorado. 

I wanted to share in my fun by having a giveaway everyday I'm on vacation!  I have some amazing giveaways for you to enter each day!  Here is the schedule of events...

July 20:  Back to School Giveaway Sponsors!
Check out these incredible Teacher's Pay Teachers authors who have agreed to donate a product from their store!!  I love them!
Take a look at their products that are useful, helpful, resourceful and any other "ful" words you can think of!!
July 20:  Back to School Giveaway Products!
Enter here to win!!  Don't forget to check back each day this week!

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