Sunday, January 10, 2016


I have a 10 year old LEGO enthusiast!

Yay...she has tons of LEGO sets!
Boo...she has nowhere to set them up to play.
Praise God...DIY LEGO table!
We first started with a 5x5 foot piece of plywood. (3/4 inch thick)  
 We couldn't decide on a color until my mom had the great idea of matching it up to the green LEGO building plates!
Perfect match!
 The base is simply four Trofast storage units from IKEA.  Yep!  I love that place!  
I have two of these in my classroom as well!
I love the way it is starting to look!  The only problem is when those tiny pieces, (Who am I kidding?  They're all tiny!) roll onto the floor.

 So my dad made a trim that goes around all four edges...
... to keep those pieces all on the top!
 Now the fun part!  Sorting all the LEGO bricks into the correct bins!
Now she has room to play with all her LEGO's at once!
Click here to check out where the inspiration came from!


  1. How did you attach the green board to the IKEA storage units?

  2. The matter that you provide is worth our time and lego tables

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  4. Where were you able to find 5' wide plywood? I'm only seeing 4". Thanks! Love the LEGO table!

  5. I love this so much! Can you please provide instructions on how to make and install the trim?

  6. Do you have a detailed plan of how to make this? My husband is going to attempt it as a Christmas present for our girls. I absolutely love it!

    Thank you!