Thursday, May 19, 2016

Analog Clocks!

In first grade, we teach telling time to the hour and half hour.  I have a wonderful class this year and my kiddos scored an 85% on the time unit pre assessment!  (This is when I silently cry inside.  I love when pre assessment scores are low.)
Instead of focusing my math groups on reteaching concepts, I was able to focus on enrichment groups!
The kids choose to make a video teaching other first graders how to tell time using an analog clock!

Introducing...(wait for it)...HUE Animation Studio!

My kiddos love using HUE Animation Studio!  (Can't you feel the intensity of their focus?)
After setting up a good background (Yes that is a plain white sheet.  I use it more than you think at school!), we are ready to shoot pictures!  
Using something called the onionskin, HUE makes it super fun for the kids to see what was captured on the previous frame laid right on top of the current frame.
Move the minute hand, shoot a pic, move the minute hand, shoot a pic, you get the idea!
It's that easy!
Of course we had to take turns taking the picture (pressing the space button) and moving the minute hand!

Enjoy our video!
Other stop motion videos we have made:  Making Composite Shapes, Earth, Moon & Sun

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