Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Guided Reading Must Have!

 Magnetic Letter Trays!

problem:  Prepping for guided reading can be time consuming to get the exact letters ready for each kiddo, it's hard for them to find the right letter quickly, and clean up can be chaos.

solution: Organizing them on magnetic trays!

You will need...

I have included free files to help you make your own magnetic letter trays!

If you don't own a Silhouette Cameo...

You will need clear Avery Full Sheet Stickers.  Simply download pdf, print, cut to the size of the tray, and stick!
Click picture to download pdf.

If you own a Silhouette Cameo...

First, I cut just the consonants using black vinyl and taped it to the counter.
Then, I cut the vowels out and, using a ruler, placed them on the same sheet with the consonants.
 Next, place your transfer paper (or clear contact paper) on your vinyl and transfer the letters.
 Make sure the transfer tape overlaps a little on the bottom.
Peel back the top to expose the first row of letters.
Next, place in the tray and stick (overlapped transfer tape) the bottom of the tray.  This will help it to stay in place while you position the top.
 Press entire sheet down to ensure a good fit.  (The vinyl backing is still on the rest of the letters.)
 I flip mine around and slowly pull vinyl backing off...
 pressing down as each row of vinyl letters is exposed.
 When all the letters have been pressed down, you can remove the transfer tape!
Add your magnetic letters!!
When it's time to clean up, just collect and stack the trays!  Can I get an amen?

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