Monday, March 27, 2017

How to Get 'Words Their Way' Parent Approved

LOVE using Words Their Way in my classroom!  Words Their Way is a developmental word study program that classrooms everywhere are using and experiencing huge success!

Click here for organizational tips and tricks using Words Their Way in your classroom!

It is amazing for all learners at whatever spelling stage they are at!  It teaches kiddos to not be afraid of spelling new and challenging words!  

If a child is working on the bl, br, gr, and gl blends and spells the word 'globe' like this:
I would praise this student and count the word correct because they were able to show me mastery of the gl blend that he/she was working on.  (Of course along with other spelling patterns this child has previously learned.)  This particular child has not covered the long vowel/silent e spelling pattern yet.

This is wonderful in the classroom, however when that child makes a list of his/her word sort to use at home, it can get very confusing for parents.  For this reason, each time a child begins a new sort, I send a "Home List" with them to put on their refrigerator!
It's already sorted, labeled, and easy for parents to start a conversation with their child!  If I ever forget to send one home, I love that the parent sends a note the next day reminding me to send one home!

(Second Edition: Red Book)
(Second Edition: Yellow Book)
(Second Edition:  Green Book)


  1. do you have the higher level sorts made?

    1. Hi Michele! I am working on the Syllables and Affixes (green) book right now! I'm about half way through it!

    2. Do you have the green book finished?

  2. Can't wait to use these lists in my class next year!