Friday, May 9, 2014

Five for Friday Linky Party-May 9th

Five for Friday Linky Party with...

Five for Friday

Teacher appreciation Week!  One of my student's got me a gift each day this week!  





A highlight from our ABC countdown!
"I" Day!
Whitey's Ice Cream is the best!

We read a story about a nature detective.  So naturally, we were nature detectives!

We heard birds chirping!

We found a nest!

I love how cute they are!


They were convinced they had found a
deer print inside of the tire marks!

Recording Sheet

Yeah!  A dead bee.

We had a meeting after school at another school Wednesday and the dumb parking cement thingy had a bolt sticking up.  It tucked under my bumper when I parked and when I left, it ripped my bumper almost off the van!  Ugh!  This picture was after a co-worker and I snapped it back on.

Nice...but my daddy at M.C. Tire and Automotive fixed it and now it looks almost as good as new (not in this picture).  However, I need to replace the wheel well and a plastic clip.  Approx. $75-$80

Today's ABC Countdown..."K Day!"  (King Day for the boys!  


  1. Isn't it great when children find some wonderful ways to appreciate their teacher? How special! We recently went on a nature walk in preschool and discovered signs of spring....this is a fantastic adaptation for first grade, adding in the writing!

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. I love those moms that think creatively when sending things in! Of course I also love the kids that bring things from the dollar store and proudly hand it to me!

    I hate that your van was damaged. If this were at a shopping center I would be calling the store to ask for compensation. Not sure what to do since it's a school!

    Happy Friday!
    Teachers Are Terrific!