Saturday, May 3, 2014

May Currently and LEGO® Creative Writing

I am super excited about May and all it holds!

I have been asked to lead a session for a LEGO® Build to Express Workshop.  It didn't sound to bad until I found out that all teachers and administrators from 18 (Yep!  That is 1 ten and 8 ones!) districts!  I don't feel prepared at this point, so I will be working my tail off to get prepared for this presentation.  In order to get ready for it, I have made a product to help with creative writing.  I am excited about using it with my students!

5 Sentence Paragraph Graphic Organizer
Opinion Writing

I am hoping to use these next week to see how my students like them!  You can check out my LEGO® Build to Express End of the Year Creative Writing Prompts

I love that it is time to link up with Farley!
 for May Currently!!!!!

My daughter just turned 14!  Good thing she has great friends!  I love to listen to them and the conversation that takes place!

I do an ABC countdown for the end of the year.  Today was "F" day.  Flip flop day!!  To bad it was still pretty cold and the kids had to wear socks and shoes to school to change into their flips.  Mrs. Neels was brave and wore flip flops to school!  My toes were cold!

Most teachers are feeling the stress of end of the year activities.  Testing, behaviors, tying up loose ends before the end of they year.  The list goes on...

I want the sun to stay.  Most of the day has been raining but now it is peeking out!  Stay sun stay!

I have been asked to lead a session at a LEGO® BuildtoExpress workshop.  While I am honored and excited, I am not looking forward to the extra work to plan for it.  I used them for math today making word problems using three addends.  It was pretty fun to hear the students come up with word problems!
"There was one dancer on the stage.  2 more joined in.  1 came on stage at the end to dance.  How many dancers are bowing now?"
So cute!

I love Amanda Pauley at Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten!  Not only do I enjoy reading her blogs, but she is so very sweet!  We teach in the same district but in different buildings and anytime I need help or have a question, Amanda is there with an answer!

Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten


  1. Hey! I found your blog through Farley's Currently linky :) I love the idea of the ABC countdown at the end of the school year--I bet your kids LOVE that! Have a great weekend!
    Caitlin @

  2. We had too much rain last week too! I love your ABC countdown! Have a wonderful weekend!
    Grade 4 Buzz