Saturday, August 2, 2014

August Currently

It's bittersweet linking up with Farley's August Currently  I love linking up but that also's August!  (Boo!)  I love the routine of school but that means a daily flow of cupcakes and treats.  (It's always someones birthday in the building between past students and staff members right!?)

Listening:  I love listening to my 8 year old laugh and giggle while watching cartoons on a Saturday morning!  She is an amazing little girl!  This morning I went for a run (I don't enjoy running and have to force myself to do it) and she told me that she is proud of me!  How sweet of her.  To be honest that's exactly what I needed to hear because I have this special talent to talk myself out of any physical exercise.

Loving:  I am on the list for A Bird in Hand Design blog makeover and couldn't be more excited.  As you can tell my blog looks like a child designed it.  I am so embarrassed by how my blog looks and am looking forward to it!

Thinking: My "to do" list is overwhelming!  All teachers experience this and that gives me some comfort but I hate the anxiety of not knowing if I will have enough time (or money) to make my room look how I want it.  Not to mention my principal just informed me that I currently have 32 students in my first grade class.  (Nice, huh?)  He is working on getting that number lowered but there is only so much that can be done.

Wanting:  I love being with my girls!  I have an 8 year old (Molly) and a 14 year old (Hailey) whom will be starting high school this year.  I remember tucking her in last night and she was starting kindergarten.  What happened???  I swear I didn't even blink and she grew up.  Hailey just returned from being away at my sister's in Arizona.  She was there for 20 days!  I missed her so much!  This picture is both my girls hugging at the airport!

Needing:  I have a co-worker who I am meeting with next week that uses "Words Their Way."  I wanted to do this last year but my focus was on Common Core.  I completely did away with our district curriculum and created, borrow, found Common Core materials to use.  I am using the Dana Center Sequenced Units for math and love it!  I also use a lot of Engage NY!  I wasn't to impressed with the assessments so I have been spending my summer creating First Grade Common Core Assessments to use after each unit.  I am very excited about it!

First Day Back with students is August 19th!  Hope it will be a great year!


  1. Hey! I completely understand about feeling overwhelmed about your classroom. I'm right there with you! But as I say every year, it will all get done. It always does. And I have used Words Their Way before. I was actually given the book in college. It is a great resource for word activities and games. It would be good to use in guided reading. It also has a great spelling inventory that could be good at the beginning of the year for your students to see what areas of spelling they know and what they might need to work on. I hope you like using the book! Best of luck this year!

  2. Hey! I found you through Farley's link up! I totally get the anxiety with the to do list. I'm in the same boat. Holy cow - 32 first graders! I used to teach first and can't imagine that many in a classroom! You'll be busy. Hope you enjoy your last few weeks of summer!

    Team V's Second Grade Fun

  3. Hi there! Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs just finished my blog. I'm new to blogging. She is awesome! You'll love her :)

    Teachin' Cutie Patooties

    1. Wow! I'll have to check out your new blog design!