Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Makeover and Classroom Reveal!

Oh la la!!  I am loving my new blog design curtsey of Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs!  She did an amazing job!  She has such a talent!!  I am beyond thrilled!

I have been excited for my classroom reveal too!

This is my window box.  My daughter, Hailey got inside of it (yes and stayed even when the fire alarms were being tested for 10 minutes!!) and worked her creative magic!

This is the view from the back of the room.

 My focus wall.  I have my Editable Classroom Schedule Cards {Chevron} (which you can get for FREE!)  I will be adding my CCSS to the daily schedule.  We go over the day's activities each morning and look at what "I Can" statement we will cover for each subject.

 This is my word wall.  I have 153 of our districts first grade sight words printed on little cards with magnets attached to the back.  When we learn the word as a whole group, a student places the word under the correct letter.  Because they are magnetic, the students can go up, grab it form the wall, and take the word to their seats to help them with their writing.  

 Book baskets for Daily 5 all ready!

 Part of my classroom library.

 More books from the library.  Our wonderful lockers (sarcasm) are just behind the bookshelves.  The signs on top have school supply names on them and were placed around the room for parents to know where to put their child's school supplies on Back Pack Night.

 My crayon organizer.  This saves so much time when a student is looking for a specific color!

My reading units and monthly binders ready to go!

The colored baskets are how I organize my reading groups.  Each groups leveled books, sight words, materials and notebooks are placed here.  The white drawers to the left are awesome!!  They are from The Container Store.  I use them to put materials I use for teaching each day!

This is my guided reading table.  I love my new stools!  They fit completely under my table and take up less room in the class.  Best of all they are $5 from IKEA!

The last part of my library.  I got the little chairs free with my Scholastic Reading Club points.  This area kids enjoy reading!

Indoor recess materials!  Lots of floor puzzles, games, and decks of cards in the little plastic containers.  We also use the cards often for math!

 Math manipulates, cushions to sit on for Read to Self (also free with Scholastic Reading Club points), and baskets that will hold leveled books students can take home each night to read. 

 I am super excited about my new way to store headphones for Listen to Reading.  I HATED the cords all tied in knots from storing them in baskets.

 My teacher chair.  I also got this free from Scholastic Reading Club points!  I love Scholastic Reading Club!

 This is the view the students have when they walk in the door.

My awesome cabinet my dad got me!  The boys love it!

 This is how I organize my books that I teach with each month.  I have two "baskets" for each month.  One for the listen to reading books and one for the books I use in lessons each year for that month.

 Noise Level Chart.  I got this from Lucky to be in First!  She has great things!

 Each student has a classroom number on their lunch magnet.  They simply move their magnet to hot or cold each morning.  This is an easy way to do attendance as well!

 I love classroom jobs.  Each student will have a job this year!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog redesign and my classroom reveal!!

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