Monday, September 1, 2014

Currently September

Good Morning!!  Sit down for a cup of coffee (or for wimps like me, hot chocolate) and enjoy my Farley Currently September!

Listening to silence!  Both my girls are still sleeping!  They spend the night together in one of their rooms on weekends.  I think it"s so cute!  My husband is at Starbucks working on his lesson for the junior high youth group that he helps teach!  (I am one proud wife!)

Loving this Labor Day!  I HATE alarm clocks!  I practically wake up at the same time anyway on the weekends but it's not by an annoying song.  I love checking Instagram, Facebook, and etc and slowing waking up!

Thinking about which projects to complete today!  Should I work on my TPT Common Core Assessments, Words Their Way planning for my class, lesson plans for the next couple weeks, laundry, or cleaning my house?

Wanting the new iPhone 6!!!  I've heard its supposed to be announced on September 9th and my birthday is September 10th.  I'm in the process of dropping major hints to my family!  The new phones sound awesome!

Needing more ink for my printer!  I feel I ALWAYS need more ink!  The printer at school messes up labels so I usually have to print those at home.  It is so expensive to be a teacher!  

3 Trips I've NEVER taken but want to are to Italy, New York, and Michigan.
Italy:  I'm italian and would love to visit where my family came from.  I love to dig into personal history!
New York:  Just because I want to.  I think it would be awesome!
Michigan:  Our family's best friends move to Michigan and we miss them like crazy! 

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I would be thrilled if you would follow my blog, Facebook and Instagram!  I love friends!


  1. So glad that I stopped by your blog!!! I'm waiting in line to get a custom design from Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs, and seeing your blog makes me that much more excited!!!
    I'm jealous your girls sleep in! My little girl loves to sleep, but my boy is up as soon as he sees the sun!! New York is on my bucket list- hopefully we both make it there one day! And, completely agree about the ink- it annoys me that we have to print so much at hoem!!
    Enjoy your day off!!!
    Teaching with Crayons and Curls

    1. Thank you Chandra! Megan just completed my design a week ago so I'm still pretty excited about it! Megan does a great job! I'm sure I was one of her most difficult customers but she was patient and gave me exactly what I wanted! I'll be sure to check yours out when it's finished!

  2. I'm listening to quiet too! Even the CAT is still asleep! I see you are in the same boat I should I spend this day--the possibilities are endless but all definitely involve WORK! I want the iPhone 6 too but heard it is going to be CRAZY expensive. Sigh. We shall see....

  3. Girl, I need more ink too! Thanks for the reminder! Your blog is super cute!

  4. It IS so expensive to be a teacher!! Do you buy your ink on Amazon?? it seems a lot cheaper!! :)

    1. I haven't tried Amazon for ink. I might look into that! Thanks!