Sunday, November 2, 2014

Currently November

Happy November!!!
I get excited each time a new month comes rolling around!

I'm also thrilled to link up with my friend (Nope!  She doesn't know me from Adam) Farley!

Listening:  to silence!  Aww!  I'm in my element when there are no distractions.  I love the extra hour of sleep...or blogging!

Loving:  My new iPhone 6 Plus!!!  And my district had Fall Break last week!  I worked on lesson plans, TpT products, SMART board lessons, and got to read for fun!  I spent time beating my family in Ticket to Ride (our fav board game)!  Okay, okay my husband won but I usually do!

Thinking: of how truly blessed I am!  God has given me amazing gifts, opportunities, and people to share them with.  I have been married 14 years, have a 14 year old girl (Don't do the math, it makes me look bad!), and an 8 year old girl!

Wanting: a laptop!  I am saving my TpT pennies to buy myself one for Christmas!  I love Apple products as my home is laced with them.  Therefore I am setting my sights on a MacBook Pro!!

Needing:  my new SMART board (love it) lowered!  Yep!  I can't reach the top, which means my firsties can't either.  Here is proof that this little cutie can't use the board because she is to little.
I am looking for awesome first grade SMART board lessons if you have any good suggestions!?!

Reading:  Any book by Karen Kingsbury!  She is a phenomenal Christian Fiction Author!  I finished my twentieth book of hers this past week!  On to twenty-one! 

Thanks for stopping by!

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