Saturday, November 22, 2014

Wii Mii Lunch Count SMART Board

I recently got a SMART board for my classroom!  Whoo Hoo!  I am one happy girl!  I don't know how I taught without it (kidding...kinda)!  I am in love!

I have been using this as my lunch count/attendance for a couple of weeks now and I have had other teachers ask me how I made it.  

I found this basic format on the SMART Exchange for free!  Once you have it downloaded it's just a matter of creating your students' Wii Mii's!
 Here is a closer picture of what you will be creating for each student!  
First go through and delete the students that are already on the notebook file.   It comes with Hot Lunch and No Lunch but I didn't like the "No lunch" part.  I changed this to Cold Lunch or even Home Lunch would work.  I also have a ton more hot than cold l so I moved the line over to make the hot lunch section bigger.

Next, I pulled up the to create the wii miis on the SMART board and demonstrated by making one for myself.  This can be a lot of fun as I made silly faces to show them different options.
They always tease me that I wear my sunglasses out for recess duty!

I then sat down with one student during Read to Self time and made sure she knew how to create a mii wii.  Then I had that one student call back the class one at a time to create their mii wii.
Each time they finished their wii mii I took a screenshot.  
You can let the students do this on their own.  It's just hard to remember to get the student's name and NOT the hand cursor or the arrow.  This picture has the hand selector tool in the pic.  You don't want that.  You DO want the name of the student included or you won't know later which picture was created by which student.  To take a screen shot press Shift+Command+4 all at the same time.  A little cross cursor will appear and just click and drag the box to cover what you want included in your shot.  The computer takes that screen shot and puts it on your desktop for you to find later.

We only completed maybe 5-8 mii wii's a day so it took about 3 days of Read to Self time to create a classroom of mii wii's.

At the end of the day, I clicked on one of the desktop screenshots and opened it.  Then you have to take another screen shot to get rid of the name and extra stuff.
To get your mii wii on your notebook file simply drag it onto the screen.
Now to get rid of the blue background.  
Right click and go to "Set Image Transparency."
Click on the blue areas (should be two) and they will turn pink.  Then click on "Set Transparency!"  Like magic the blue disappears!!  (My favorite part!)

Resize your object, click below it and start typing student name, and resize text.  
It is important to group (Shift and click on both object and text) and lock your image.  
Shift and right click to lock it as well.  Make sure you choose "Allow to Move" when you lock it so the students can drag their mii wii to the appropriate lunch spot!
Now you're ready for students to use!  It is a crowd pleaser!

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