Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Organizing Flexible Groups

It seems like most of my day is smalls groups.  Guided Reading, spelling, and math.  I was going nuts (okay that started a long time ago) trying to keep my groups organized for not only myself but my co-teacher, aide, and title teacher.

Here is a great way for you to stay organized...

I purchased these file folders at Target.  I put blank labels along the top.  This will be the number of groups.  I like to have 6 labels at the top.  Laminate and apply velcro dots under each label.  I'm freakishly anal so I measured the space between my dots to line them up correctly.

Cut card stock into little label size pieces.  Apply velcro dots to the back.
Then apply labels with student names.
Now for the fun part!  Write some sort of group name or level in dry erase marker on the laminated labels.  You are now ready to move students to new groups or change group levels easily!
Apply a cute label to the front.
I like to keep my group folders in a clear holder next to the door so when my co-teacher, aide, or title teacher come in they are available for use.
How do you keep your groups organized?