Tuesday, January 27, 2015

President's Day

I love teaching about President's Day!  I also love using the iPads to extend our learning!  I made this President's Day Flip book U.S. Symbols to go along with the free Brain Pop Jr. U.S. Symbols video.
My classroom is a 2:1 iPad room.  Therefore, my students work in partners.  I show them the video as a whole class and we fill in the first answer together.  Then they work in pairs to answer the rest.  We turn the closed captioning on so the students can see the words and read along!  Yay, the answers will be spelled correctly (in theory)!  I teach the students how to pause the video so they can copy the spelling.

Below are the pages in the book and what the screen looks like when the students find the answers!


 I found it much easier to staple the packets together (copy machine) before handing them out to the students.  Then they simply cut out the tabs on the dotted line!

 We keep the BrainPop Jr. app in our Online Information folder.
 Students type in the title of the book (US Symbols) to pull up the free video!

Click U.S. Symbols Flip Book to grab your copy!

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