Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making Lists

It's time to link up with Jessica for Hump Day Highlight!
One of my writing stations is to "Make a List."  To introduce my students to this, I used Writing Center: List Making Edition by Nicole O'Connor from Firstie Favorites!  She makes such cute and useful products!  Be sure to check out her store!

Each month has 17 cute list ideas for students! 

Here is a sneak peek at January's lists!
 We started by doing one as a whole group!
I choose "Things that I drink."  One little girl raised her hand and said, "Do you mean adult drinks or kid drinks only?"  Ugh!  Sad that they already know about "adult" drinks in first grade.

We are working on our "brave" spelling so when students get to a word in their writing they don't know how to spell, they are supposed to try it using their brave spelling, underline it, and move on.  I love how they told me to spell fruit as frute!  At least we know our silent e!!

Scaffolding, I then gave each group a card with a list prompt on it.  They worked as a team to fill out the lists.  This group worked on "Snacks I like to eat."

  I love the mackrone and chese (macaroni and cheese) and penibuttr (peanut butter)!
Each month I simply hang a new set of list prompts and the students love it!
If you're interested in year-long writing center bundle click {here}!  

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