Saturday, March 28, 2015

French Lick-Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up

This was my first teacher blogger meet up and it won't be my last!  My good friend Amanda Pauley at Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten invited me to go with her!  It was a six hour drive for us up to French Lick, Indiana but it seemed like one!  We had such great conversation!

Amanda Pauley, me, Greg Smedley-Warren, Tracy Blackledge and Michelle Gorman!
The first night we met in smaller groups and enjoyed a quiet dinner...yeah right!  We dragged all the tables together, pissed off the waitress (which wasn't too hard), and yelled over an obnoxious band playing in the background!
Then off to the "light show!"  Yep!  This is the light show!  Ohh Ahh!
 The building is beautiful!
I love spending time with my blogging bestie!
LaToya Reed from Flying Into First GradeAlexandria Jackson from Classroom Action with Ms. JacksonCaseyJane Cooper from Wiggling Scholars, me, and Amanda Pauley from Mrs. Puauley's Kindergarten.
These are my French Lick Roomies!  Yep!  I still giggle when I say it!
Saturday morning was work time!  We dragged all these awesome decorations that Holly Ehle at Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten Connections brought!  
Let me take a moment to tell you how amazing Holly is!  She, and Brittany Banister from Mrs. Banisters Kindergarten Kids, organized this whole thing!!  They are amazing!

Look how beautiful the tables turned out!
The set up crew!   Brittany Brune from Nifty in First GradeHeather Volmerding from Smack Dab in the MiddleHolly Ehle from Mrs. Ehle's Kindergarten ConnectionsAmanda Pauley from Mrs. Pauley's Kindergarten, me, Marissa Zimmer from First Grade Stars, and Brittany Banister from Mrs. Banister's Kindergarten Kids!
Look at these cute name tags we all got to wear!  Thanks to Schoolgirl Style for making all the name tags!
We played a fun "inspirational" get to know you game!  I loved getting to know so many amazing teachers!
 We had a Q&R session and three breakout sessions to learn so much great info!

We did a Teacher Tool Product Swap too!  Click here to check out what I received and gave!
Thank you to our amazing sponsors:
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Younique by Dana

Yes!  Those are Erin Condren teacher planners!!!!!!  This is how over 100 teachers react when given one of Erin Condren's products!
Look at all the amazing teacher swag we walked away with!!
My favorite part is that my new Vera Bradley bag matches my school ID badge lanyard!!!
I love these girls!
Most people would be exhausted after all that fun, but teachers have a PJ Party!!

I absolutely love how silly and awesome teachers are!  Who wouldn't want to be a teacher??
Thank you to Go Noodle and TPT for sponsoring this amazing PJ Party!  It was so much fun!
The morning we left was a beautiful morning!
See ya next year!

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  1. This was the best weekend ever. I am so glad I talked you into coming. I had the best time in the car just chatting with you! We need to get together again soon. :)
    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

    1. Yes we do need to get together soon! We had a great time!

  2. Girl, I just luv u!!! I'm so glad that you came! I just feel like we've been friends forever!!! It's so awesome when blogging connects you with other like minded, inspiring teachers! I LOVE your pics!!! Is there any way you could send them to me?! You have some great ones I don't have! Can't wait to meet up again soon!

    1. Aww! Holly you make me smile! I had a blast at the meet up! Thank you for all your hard work! I uploaded like 30 pictures to the shared drive that Greg started! If there is one specific photo you wanted that you don't see, let me know! I loved being able to help and be part of the set up/tear down team!

  3. We loved meeting you. We may have mentioned that before, but oh well. It is the truth! We are so glad Amanda talked you into going! What a fun weekend! Take care and have a fantastic week!

    1. Thanks Amy! You are such a blast! I loved meeting you too!!!!

  4. I LOVED meeting you!! We all need to get together somewhere in the middle soon! Summer shopping/lunch date??

    1. Shopping, eating, and blogging buddies! Yes please!