Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Technology and Nouns!

Time to teach nouns!  This year, instead of teaching nouns like I usually do with a boring circle or underline the noun activity, my class shot a noun video!

I first introduced the concept of a noun with a cute (and free!) Brain pop jr. video!

I split my class up into groups and assigned them a noun (person, place, thing, or animal).  They then were given the task of going as partners around the school taking pictures of their noun type.  Of course, this was a lot of fun to leave the classroom explore the school!

Then we came back together as a class and I taught them to use the Doodle Buddy app to open their picture as a background and put write a label on it.  

Then the students email their photos to me.  I suggest having a special email account specifically for students to send emails to or you will have tons of emails to sort through on your school account!  
I then put them into an imovie!  Check out our finished product!

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