Saturday, June 18, 2016

HUE Animation & Composite Shapes

and first grade!
What do all these things have in common?  
Check out how my class using HUE Animation Studio in the classroom!  
Watch first graders (yep, 6 year olds) make stop motion animation videos!
My firsties have been studying composite shapes!  (Don't be embarrassed!  Here is the definition of composite figure!)
They have completed lots of "research" on making composite shapes!  
They especially loved using the app 

Students use pattern shapes to create their own design, use an outline, or compose larger shapes on the ipad!
After they have created a composite shape, the student composes the shape using our classroom pattern blocks on the table.
Here is the really amazing part that HUE didn't forget can reverse a sequence of images!!!!
Not excited yet?  
Let me explain.  
After the student composes their composite shape out of pattern blocks, they take a picture (press the space bar).  
Then they take one shape away, take a picture.  
Take another shape away, take a picture.  
Over and over again (I feel like I'm singing a Nelly song to you)!
Next, highlight all the frames with the images the student took for that shape and simply press,
"Reverse frame ordering."
Viola!  The shape looks like it is magically building itself!
You can imagine how much of a hit this was during math stations!  Everyone on task and engaged in learning!  
Things that make you go ahhh!
Enjoy our video!!

Want more ideas on using
HUE Animation Studio in your classroom?

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  1. I love your stop motion activity! Also, where did you get your folder and font that is red? Love it, too!