Sunday, September 14, 2014

Routine, routine, routine

I love routines!  I just don't love setting them up.  I have been working hard at getting our morning routine set up.  I am trying to create independent learners and workers.  This class has a large number of students who have to work extra hard to be good listeners and follow directions.  After much work, here is a look at our morning routine...

When students enter the classroom, they go straight to their desks.  This way the can unpack everything here and not camp out in front of their lockers.  (Which are so inconvenient to have inside the classroom!)

 Next they open their DOT (Daily Organizational Tool) Binders to today's date.  This is when they get homework out of their homework folder.  It makes it easy for me to check for parent signatures or notes in their planners.

 Students take their homework and turn it into their "homework pocket."  I love having a special spot for each student to turn in their homework.  It saves so much time when I check to see who has brought back their homework.  I just simply glance over it and can easily see who's is missing!

 Students then move their magnetic "number" (classroom numbering system) to hot or cold lunch.  This is an easy way to take attendance as well.  I can see who hasn't moved their lunch number quickly.

 This is when students can now put their book bags into their locker.  I have sixteen lockers and twenty-eight students so most have to share a locker.

 Now students are told to make sure they have two sharpened pencils for the day.  This is the only time outside of recess that students have the opportunity to sharpen their own pencils.  For some reason, they love this!

 Finally, if they did all the steps above in a timely manner they should still have a little time left over to do a book exchange.  They get so excited to exchange their books each morning.  They keep their books in a their own "book basket."  Students can keep a book for a day or as long as they want if they really enjoyed that book!  They are allowed to keep four books from our classroom library in their basket.  Inside their basket they will also have their guided reading bag and books from our school library.  This gives students plenty of books for building stamina for Read to Self from Daily 5!

When students complete their morning routine, they take their book basket and find a cozy spot around the classroom to Read to Self.  We are up to 22 minutes of stamina!  I love this because if gives me time to work with individual students, take attendance, and etc.

What do your students do for your classroom morning routines?

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