My Classroom

Back to Schoo!  Welcome to Mrs. Neels' class, room number 1 (of course!)!!
My classroom grabs you from the hall!  Gotta love KG Fonts and Melonheadz clipart!!
My daughter is amazing and creative!  She is the mastermind behind this jumbo crayon box and my dreaded window box  She loves to get in there and create it for me each year!  Me...not so much!
 Her finished product!
Here is the view looking at the front of the room.  Last year I had the carpet and calendar at the back but I wanted my carpet in front of my SMART board so I had to change everything around.
Starting from left to right....Here is my LEGO corner!  I have 34 LEGO BuildtoExpress kits and 6 LEGO Storystarter kits.  I love using LEGO education products!  I presented for LEGO on the BuildtoExpress kits last year my kiddos love using them!
 I am a visual person and have to have a calendar in which I can write upcoming events, birthdays, and etc. on each day.  My calendar captain changes the date each day and puts up a new date tag.  The far left are my Editable Daily Schedule Cards which you can get for free!  On the top are my Words Their Way daily routines!
 I absolutely love this view of my room!  On top are my Daily 5 boards!  
When my SMARTboard was installed, it was so high that I could not reach the top!  I might be shorter than your average teacher but I'm pretty sure I'm taller than your average first grader!!  Therefore the district had to build me a "stage!"  Turns our I love it and my kiddos feel really special when they get to use it as well!
 Here is a view of my CAFE board with half of our Read to Self baskets underneath.  The tower on the right is a Front Row Juno system that projects my voice!  I wear a microphone and I never have to raise my voice during the day!  Because of this gem, I am not exhausted at the end of the day!
 I choose not to have a teacher desk (best decision ever) so I use this table for my computer/document camera.
 My favorite part of my classroom!  
The colored baskets are for guided reading group books/materials.  The binders are my teaching materials organized by month and by unit.  The white baskets are where I keep my daily materials.
 My little teacher corner!  
On the door to the right is how I take lunch count when I have a guest teacher.  Otherwise I use Wii Mii's to take lunch count.  You can check out that blog post here!  The little red stool that is peeking out from under the table is from IKEA.  Best part...$5!
To display read alouds!
 The two frames are where I plan to write my daily learning targets.  The little table is one of the writing stations.  The colored bins hold my Math by Myself games, puzzles for indoor recess, and decks of cards for math games!
 This is how I organize my books by month! 
Having my classroom crayons organized is a must!  
I used to have a drawer with extra crayon colors in it but students would dig through for five minutes looking for a specific color.  This way, they can easily see if the color they need is there or not.
 My word wall!
Classroom behavior and job charts!
Up close view of my behavior chart!
 We use the "stick system" at my school.  Each color represents a certain rule broken.  For example if a student is 'not following directions' he/she will pull a green stick and replace their smile with it.  The students record their sticks pulled (or smile) in their planners each night.  I also record sticks pulled for my own records to use a conference time.  This helps tremendously to pinpoint the behavior area that our class or a particular student needs to work on!
Thanks for going on a tour of my classroom!


  1. Love your classroom! It is organized so nicely! I have a question: how did you make your crayon organizer?

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  3. This is my first year and I sigh with high hopes when I see your classroom. I want to be this organized. I know I will get there. :)