Saturday, October 25, 2014

Individual Student Behavior Management

Are you frustrated with student behavior?
You are not alone!

Attention Seeking,



unmet basic needs.

Whatever the reason, it's our job to love and teach these kiddos!
Each year I usually have one or two that set the "temperature" for the rest of the class.

Teachers and students LOVE using the Daily Behavior Chart!

After much tweaking (No, not twerking.  Nobody wants to see that!), I came up with a management system for these students that works and is used in classrooms all over the United States!

At my school, we ask the student body to show respect, responsibility and safety.  These are all great qualities for students to show but hard qualities to understand for an elementary age child.
So as a class, we talk about these qualities, but for my challenging kiddos, I break the behavior down further.
 Each chart focuses on 1-3 specific behavior goals, you have chosen, for the individual child to improve on.  For this student, I chose
1. Keep Hands to Myself
2.  Raise My Hand
3.  Follow Directions
Our classroom schedule is shown on the left and the 3 behavior goals are listed at the top.
After each subject or activity, the student brings me the chart (attached to a clip board) and we have a short conversation about the behaviors.  I mark the appropriate smile face, okay face, or sad face.

There are 6 chart options ranging from 1-3 goals for the child to focus on!
At the end of the day (or check in at lunch and end of the day) we talk about the choices that were made.
This needs to positive!
You made great choices during…
I am proud of you for…
I really liked when…
You can offer a reward for making their daily percentage!  Discuss things they enjoy.  Time with technology, lunch with you (Why do they always choose this one?), coloring time, etc.
If the student did not make their daily goal, I will ask:
What can you do better tomorrow?
Each student has different needs.  Choose whether 1, 2 or 3 behavior goals is appropriate.
You can also choose to use words or pictures 
for your schedule!

To check out the Editable Student Daily Behavior Charts & Data Recording Graph click here!
This allows me to reassess at the end of five weeks.  
Do I see improvement?  
Does the child's goal percentage need to be increased or decreased?  
Can I add another focus behavior for that child?  
Do I see a dip in behavior?  
What changes occurred in the child's life during a dip of behavior?
Click to check it out!

What do you use in your classroom or in your school for a Tier 2/3 behavior plan?


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  5. I am unable to print this. The background will not print.

    1. Hi Tempest! When you print using black and white as the output. Powerpoint tries to save on ink for you and only prints the overlaying text. When you change the output to "color," then powerpoint prints the background image along with the overlaying text! Try this to see if the issue is resolved! If not, send me an email at and I can help you further.

  6. Hi! I love this behavior chart for my son who started Kinder this year, and it has already helped us see a change in his behavior of not keeping his hands to himself or hurting his friends, so thank you! I just wanted to make my own entries more cohesive with the visual ones and was wondering what font is used?

    1. You know what, I just found the font, thank you anyway for selling this wonderful resource!